Dream Team Soccer School

Join our team and make the most of your football skills

The Dream Team Soccer School has been operating for over 10 years in Wales and Cyprus and we are delighted to be able to continue its progression in London with the integration of these coaching services into the Dream Team Coaching set up. Each player coming to the program is encouraged to work on key technical areas, identify and develop strengths in their game, and set personal goals to help them navigate their journey learning the game of football.

Our football program offers 3 tiers of training that are aimed at different age groups. There is also scope for players to be coached according to their ability in addition to this. The categories are as follows:

  • Dream Team Soccer School Minis (ages 5-8yrs)
  • Dream Team Soccer School Development (ages 8-11yrs)
  • Dream Team Soccer School Performance (ages 12-15yrs)

See some of our coaching in action at the Dream Team Soccer School

Be part of a well established coaching philosophy 

All of the players in our football program follow the key values that make practicing and playing sport enjoyable and rewarding experiences for all our players. These values are the same principals for all of our sports and integrated into the program from the management team at Live Love Sport who are responsible for the delivery and quality of the coaching.

The principals for all players are:

  1. To show a commitment to practice 
  2. To understand and set personal goals 
  3. To show friendship and respect 
  4. To be disciplined with their practice and weekly tasks 
  5. To enjoy participating in each session 

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